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Rabu, 20 Juni 2012

Saab going to builds Super-Gripen Next Year

The aircraft manufacturer Saab has taken a decision to build a Super-Jas, to be used for test flights. This despite the fact that concrete orders for the plane missing at present.

- It's nailed that we begin to build a plane next year, says Lasse Jansson, press officer at Saab Aeronautics.

The Company is in full swing with preparations for the construction, he says:

- We works with to order special parts and talk to the subcontractors.

Exactly when a newly Super-Jas can roll out on the launch pad is unclear. According to Lasse Jansson is the completion relating to when the first order placed, probably from Switzerland.

- Normally the delivery time for a new Gripen about four years, but we expect to build test aircraft in less time, he says.

Swiss government said last year in favor of ordering 22 new Gripen from Sweden, but the contract has not yet been signed. If an export transaction locks in the Swedish parliament agreed that when the government can order 8-10 plane of the E / F model.

The question of the Gripen purchase is also hot topic of discussion in Switzerland. The procurement is expected to be worth around 22 billion.

Discussions are underway about the opportunities to collaborate on the design of the new Gripen model between the Swedish Defence Export Agency, FXM, and armasuisse, which is Switzerland's equivalent of the Defence Materiel Administration.

- The topics on both the execution schedule and cost, says Mats Hansson FXM who heads the Swedish negotiation team.

The completed documents will then form the basis for policy decisions in both Sweden and Switzerland, in which case they intend to order just newly manufactured planes.

According to Mats Hansson, the Swedish main alternative but to rebuild and upgrade plan from the existing fleet to the new version.

Even in the joint acquisition programs such as Sweden and Switzerland discuss include one or more test aircraft, he said. His hope is to get along with his Swiss counterpart now in the summer.

Included in the new Super-Jas

The main innovations in the Super-Jas, or Gripen E / F, include:

A more powerful engine than the current Volvo Aero RM12 engine, based on General Electric's F404 engine. The new engine from General Electric F414G units and is based on the same engine that sits in Boeing's F-18 Super Hornet.
A new multimode AESA radar, developed by Saab and French Thales.

Longer range by larger fuel tanks.

Larger weapons load and more weapon mounts.

New retractable landing gear in the wings instead of the fuselage.

Updated flight deck, including new head-down displays and enhanced avionics.

Encrypted communication with technology from the Swedish company Sectra.

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